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Founded in 1923 by Fred Cosman, Crosman Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of a variety shooting products, particularly airsoft guns and accessories. The company is backed by more than 80 years of success and experienced production and is known for its quality pellet and BB air rifles and pistols. Originally known as the "Crosman Brothers," the company was sold to Frank Hahn in 1924 and got its name changed to the "Crosman Rifle Company." After going through a few more hands in its existence, Crosman is currently owned by Wellspring Capital Management LLC, which purchased Crosman from an investment group just this year. Crosman Corporation is based in East Bloomfield, New York.

Crosman Corporation has a long history of collaborations with other companies in the industry. It advertises Beretta, Colt, and Logan airguns in the U.S. market and manufactures guns under Benjamin, Sheridan, and Remington, some of the most prestigious names associated with guns. Early models of Crosman guns possessed the traditional American multi-pump pneumatic design, which required three to ten pumps of the forend to fill the reservoir with enough gas pressure to fire shots. To this day, there are still some Crosman models that are based on this traditional American design. They also tend to be very popular with American buyers.

During the 1930s, the company experimented with carbon dioxide to get around the pump-action required for the traditional pneumatic design. In 1954, Crosman was able to introduce a brand new gun model powered by a CO2 bulb, a Powerlet. Come 2004, the company was able to introduce a disposable CO2 power source, the 88 gram AirSource. Currently, the company has over 50 models of pellet and BB rifles and pistols. It also manufactures crossbows, ammunition, scopes, and sights. Recently, Crosman has also ventured into the paintball market through the manufacture of a variety of equipment. The company ships its products globally to a select number of retailers and chain stores. Some of its most popular models are the Model 760 rifle and pistols from the RepeatAir line, two products known for quality performance mixed with fair prices.

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