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Connecticut Valley Arms

As the number one selling muzzleloader in the United States since 2003, Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) is a well-known and well-liked brand for hunters and shooting.  Although it is an American company, all of CVA’s firearms are designed and manufactured in Bergara, Spain. Their WOLF muzzleloader is the best selling muzzleloader in the world; the enthusiasm, value and quality that CVA puts into their guns is what makes the brand such a success.

CVA was established in 1971 as a company under Blackpowder Products, Incorporated (BPI) and is located in Duluth, Georgia. BPI is also the parent company of Bergara Barrels where CVA’s firearms are produced and three other companies in the hunting and shooting industry. Therefore, CVA is able to draw upon the network of its sister companies which help them be able to create guns which are technologically superior and better value. CVA firearms are built using components which are manufactured both on-site in the Bergara Barrels factory and from other manufacturers, but wherever the components of the guns are made, CVA requires the components to be produced under strict ISO-9001 quality standards. This ensures quality and consistency which leads to the best performance for a CVA firearm.

CVA features five lines of firearms: ACCURA, APEX, SCOUT, OPTIMA and WOLF. The ACCURA line features top-of-the-line muzzleloaders which CVA proudly states is “The Most Accurate Muzzleloader You’ve Ever Shot – Or Your Money Back”. The APEX, a break-action, multi-barrel interchangeable rifle asserts the same. The SCOUT line consists of CVA’s first center-fire only rifles and is affordable and light, making it ideal for a young hunter. The OPTIMA contains a variety of features that are found on more expensive muzzleloaders, offering more bang for your buck. Finally, the WOLF line is the number one selling muzzleloader due to its plentiful features and affordable price.

The reputation of CVA speaks for itself. After all, who can beat such a high level of quality at that level of affordability? With all of the features that CVA firearms have, it’s easy to see why “it’s just a better gun”.

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