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Breda Meccanica Bresciana

Breda Meccanica Bresciana was founded in 1925 in Italy. It was into the manufacture of small and medium caliber machine guns, air defense guns and a wide selection of automatic weapons before and during World War II. It specializes in the light armament arena including light aircraft and other artillery for the Italy’s military forces. During World War I, the company supplied some of the main parts for machine guns made by Fiat. The standard equipment for the Italian forces during those periods was the highly popular Breda machine gun. At that time, 20 mm and 47 mm guns were manufactured too.

Included in the Breda machine gun series aside from infantry models are the 20 mm anti-aircraft guns and aircraft guns. The infantry guns M30 and M37 and the aircraft machine gun Breda SAFAT were the choice models in the series. The M37 is similar to the French Hotchkiss with its 8mm crew-served tripod. The 20/65 Modello 35 was a 20 mm belt-fed, anti-aircraft and anti-tank machine gun. The British used taken Modello 35s in North Africa conflict. The 7.7 mm and 12.7 mm calibers Breda-SAFAT were the standard weaponry of WW II Italian fighter aircraft. Non-weapon products such as thermal plants, marine and rail engines were also manufactured.

In 1989, Breda assimilated Menarini of Bologna (BredaMenarini Bus). In 1994, Breda merged with
Otomelara another Italian brand that manufactures military items.

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